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We’re excited to announce that Sunday Classes for kids, youth, and adults will resume on May 16 at 9am!

During the 10:30am worship service, Christ Church Kids will continue to offer classes for children five and younger during the service. Additionally, ministry for K-6th grade kids will be offered during the second half of the worship service as done previously.

Next Gen Classes

Christ Church Kids | Check-in at Kidpark Center

  • Kids from 6 weeks old to those in 6th grade are invited to learn the Word of God, make new friends, and build relationships with leaders.

Elevate Youth Ministry | Elevate Worship Center

  • We invite students in Grades 7 – 12 to know God and His love, to discover who God has created them to be, and to follow after the things He has called them to do.

Adult Classes

Contemporary Christianity | Carson Hall

  • Hosted by Jack Hughes, Dave Ott, & Carol Sorbo, this class relates current events to biblical principles.

Life Notes | Martha Scott Hall

  • Hosted by Ken Abraham, this class examines Scripture. What does it say? What did it mean to the original hearers? How does it practically apply to our lives today? 

Growing Up Spiritually | Room 130

  • Hosted by Pastors Ferman & Linda Clark, this class is for maturing and developing a deeper relationship with God. Accepting Christ is just the beginning.

Truth Quest | Room 203

  • Hosted by Bill Gergel, this class explores various books of the Bible in–depth, line by line, while searching to hear what God has to tell us.

Explore the Book | Room 103/104

  • Hosted by Jim Cook, this class endeavors to discover the truths of Holy Scripture and how to apply those truths to our daily walk. The class verse is II Timothy 2:15.

Married Life | Room 123

  • Hosted by Michael Yates & Michael Valletta, Married Life brings husbands & wives together to experience God’s very best for their marriage.

Seekers Bible Study Class | Room 124

  • Hosted by Larry Johnson, this class seeks God’s will in his Word and in testimony, creating a closer relationship to God and to one another as the Bride of Christ.

CCN Women’s Sunday Class | Room 125

  • Hosted by Monna Journey, this class encourages women to walk in freedom, no matter what they have been through or what issues they have faced in their past.

The Holy Spirit & His Blessings | Room 201/202

  • Hosted by Pastor Jackie Stanfield, this class explores the person and purpose of the Holy Spirit in bringing us into a deeper walk with Jesus.

Young Adults | Hospitality Room

  • At 6pm on Sunday nights, this class offers a dynamic environment for young adults (18 – 35 yrs.) to connect, grow, and serve. 

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Greg at We look forward to having you join us!