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San Pedro, Mexico Youth Missions Trip

“A group of 15 set out on May 28th for 12 days ministering with those in San Pedro Mexico. While there we shared dramas, testimonies, sermons and songs in many places. From traditional Sunday services to desert villages to city parks our team was ready for whatever God had planned for us. We worked with a great ministry team in Stephen and Marcela Tolman with their Seedtime and Harvest Ministries. God used each of us on this trip in very different ways and all we needed to do is be available for him to use us. Thank you to all who helped make this trip possible as it was a time none of us will ever forget.” – Jeremy Carlson, 9-12 Grade Minister


“Mexico was amazing! You could really feel God’s presence. The people there are so warm and open to you. As I worked in the compound I understood why helping people is such a blessing. These people are poor and can’t afford to do things or even fix up their own church, yet they continue to praise God through their storms.  We provided a need for them and in return, our lives were changed. I learned that it doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, how you look or how you dress, you can praise God no matter what and you will always come out blessed.” – Isabella Shire, Youth Attendee


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  1. well the time i was on the trip it was amazing yes it is true ur life does change i saw alot of things there that just made me think back to when i asked my mom hey can i have this . idid not need it .. well i met a young boy down there his name is noha he is special . he is in a wheel chiar blind and has the most bigest smile i have ever seen thats what changed me .. i love kids like that but hate that they go through that .. its sad to see all of us leaving .. but just remember if u go on a misions trip think of what ur going there for and to help people love god….