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Pastor Dan

Meet Pastor Dan

Born in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia, Dan Scott has experienced divergent spiritual influences in his life. In the spiritual life of his childhood, he experienced the strengths of African-American and Appalachian White Pentecostal worship. In early adulthood, his beliefs were further enriched through his missionary work in Latin America, and among French-Canadian and Haitian people in Quebec.

Raised as a Pentecostal, Pastor Scott found his spiritual life expanded through his studies and his growing ties to Christians of all denominations. The fruit of his relationships can be seen in his commitment to a convergence of the three streams of Christianity – the sacramental, the evangelical, and the Pentecostal. Dan Scott is passionate about drawing from the strengths of the divergent gifts and insight of the whole Church. He seeks to create spiritual environments that celebrate the traditions of Christian faith, the freedom of the Holy Spirit and the foundation of the Word.

Pastor Dan Scott has his ordination with the Anglican Mission in America, a missionary movement that grew out of the East African Revivals of last century. He is a published songwriter, musician, and author of Faith To Faith, Naked and Not Ashamed, The Emerging American Church, and Between Eden and Pandemonium. Pastor Scott holds a BA in Sociology/History, a Masters of Arts in Humanities, a Master of Arts in Psychology and a post graduate certificate in Trauma and Abuse. Pastor Scott is fluent in Spanish and French and is dedicated to racial reconciliation.

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Latest Sermon

Pastor Dan

What We Tell Our Children

November 12, 2017

Psalm 78

Why We Serve One Another

November 5, 2017

John 13:1-14

Mercy Multiplied

October 29, 2017

Proverbs 3:5-6

The Way of Shalom

October 15, 2017

Philippians 4:4-9

Sacramental Imagination

October 8, 2017

Exodus 4:1-9

It’s Not About Me

October 1, 2017

Phillippians 2: 1-11

Who Gets to Be First?

September 24, 2017

Matthew 20:1-16

O My Soul

September 17, 2017

Psalm 103

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From Pastor Dan Scott: An Open Letter to Christ Church Nashville

From Pastor Dan Scott: An Open Letter to Christ Church Nashville

For more on this topic, please see Pastor Dan’s sermons “Taking Refuge” and “What About Homosexuality?” Also see a BBC correspondent Matt Wells’s interview with Pastor Dan on the issue. An Open Letter to Christ Church Nashville February 2, 2015 Brothers and Sisters in Christ: As many of you have now learned from the local or national news, Pastor […]

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