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Merry Christmas from Pastor Dan

Merry Christmas!

I want to take just a few moments to thank the Lord and to thank you for a most blessed year.

In the recent weeks I have been able to meet personally with many of you. I wish I had been able to do that with each of you, but thankfully we have at least this way of connecting with one another.

There are so many things I could mention as I reflect on what God has done this year, but I want to focus on a couple specific things in which He has moved powerfully.

This year, we began to see the fruit from all that our choir and missions personnel have been doing in Japan for many years. This has been something that you have made possible, and we are experiencing God use this relationship in great ways, not only in Japan but also here in Nashville.

Through our Vision 2020 process, many of you identified the areas of opportunity and concern you wanted us to address. That too has already blessed our church in great ways. However, the major impact of your work will unfold in the approaching year and in years to come, so I thank you for that.

This was the year we began to experience recovery from several previous challenges. We watched God bring a new sense of life and expectancy to our church, and I am certainly grateful for that!

Now as we move into a new season of abundance and blessing, we pause a moment to thank God for bringing us through our “bleak midwinter” and into a festival of light.

It is Christmas. Christ comes to us in so many ways in this season and reminds us that He will never leave us and will never forsake us. This year, He has proved that once again.

May God grant you a happy Christmas and very prosperous New Year.

Pastor Dan Scott