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Before the Suddenly

Acts 2:42-47

, May 12, 2019

We often treat Acts 1 as though it is a nearly meaningless collection of preliminary material. We pass over it thinking “yada, yada, yada.” We realize that the real story begins with Acts 2, “suddenly a sound from heaven.”

The great scholar Jaroslav Peligan thought otherwise. He said that Acts 1 was not only the seedbed for the entire Book of Acts, but if the entire New Testament!

Here’s what happens in that chapter:
1. Jesus teaches his disciples a new way of reading scripture
2. Jesus closes the era of the Incarnation to begin the age of the spirit.
3. The Church’s leadership structure gets established
4. The entire community is regathered to begin the new era together
If that sounds familiar, that is exactly what we have been doing: preparing for the ‘suddenly from heaven.”