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A Conflict of Orthodoxies

Psalm 118:19-26

, April 14, 2019

I have often used Psalm 118 for many of my Palm Sunday sermons. In the language of the King James Version, “the stone the builders set at naught has become the chief of the corner.”
During holy week, we remember how the leaders of ancient Israel, in the name of protecting their identify and heritage, rejected the person and the words of Jesus. The nation’s leaders and the followers of Jesus clashed because they defined what fidelity to God in very different ways. One side were ready to take God’s message to the nations; the other was focused on protecting their own nation. One saw the heathen as objects of God’s wrath; the other saw the heathen as the object of God’s mercy and care.
This clash resulted in the Lord’s crucifixion and the destruction of Israel.
That was what was at stake on the first Palm Sunday, and, in some ways, is always at stake.