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God Gives Generously

Dear Christ Church family,

During our recent Essential series, Pastor Ben has powerfully brought the six core values of our church to life, inviting us to practice, grow, and experience God through Word, Worship, Prayer, Community, Diversity, and Generosity. Living a life of generosity is a core value because God freely and willingly gives to us. God is generous in giving us His only Son for reconciliation to a broken world. The gift God gives is the Living Water flowing in and out of us, bringing life and refreshment. It is like a well-watered garden.

As Christ reveals in Matthew 6:21, where our treasure is, our heart is also. In my own devotions, I have been inspired by a book of prayers, Every Moment Holy. One particular prayer by the writer, Douglas McKelvey, has been significant to me in this season with the powerful expression of how we honor God by giving what He has already given to us. I invite you to read this excerpt and join your prayer with mine:
“When I give to meet the needs of others, when I give to the work of those who serve the poor, the sick, the oppressed, when I give to the service of your Body and your Kingdom, I give not what is mine, but only what is already yours.

With every charitable act I am simply practicing the fact that nothing which passes through my hands has ever belonged to me.

You are my generous master. Make me your faithful trustee, teaching me to live as a wiser conduit of this liberal grace, learning to hold loosely things of this world, never hoarding that which is yours, never seeking the mean preservation of my own comforts. Rather let me love well in my giving, even as you, O Father, have loved me so well by giving me all things in Christ.”

As Pastor Ben reminded us on Sunday, “The church does not exist for itself.” We have a mission to share generously with others who need help and to go where God calls us. One of the ways we are currently engaging in this mission is through a new partnership with a ministry called Mercy Chefs. Mercy Chefs is a faith-based, non-profit, disaster relief organization, which serves professionally prepared meals to victims, volunteers, and first responders in national emergencies and natural disasters.

We are excited that Mercy Chefs will now be in our Montelle Hardwick Hall professional kitchen five days a week preparing meals for those in need. Next week on March 3–5, they will be preparing meals for 300 people in North Nashville. If you would like to volunteer or have more information about Mercy Chefs, please feel free to call me at the church office or email me at

Let us live in freedom and live generously as God generously gives to us.

Pastor Linda Hilliard
Pastor of Stewardship and Development