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Elevate Youth Return from the Motion Conference

Elevate Motion Conference

Elevate returned from our Summer Camp this last Saturday night. We had an amazing time together with each other and with the Lord. Our time at the beach was filled with fun—and also with special times of worship and prayer.

While attending the Motion Conference we had the privilege of worshipping with 7000 students from around the country. Every speaker had a timely word that ministered to every one of our students.

The testimonies have been pouring in from our Elevate students and I’d like to share one with you now from a ninth grader…

Before this trip, I often wondered where God was and why He wasn’t showing me His plan for my life. I asked why He would put me through the storms I’m in and why He wasn’t walking with me. This week I realized what I call a storm may not be a storm at all. It may be God’s way of preventing me from being harmed. Although it could be painful right now, He has it all under control, so I don’t have to worry. He will take care of me, and I just need to trust Him to do so. I also know that now that He is with me all the time. I don’t need to feel like He is abandoning me, because He goes before me and prepares a way for me, as well as alongside me, guiding me, holding my hand, and comforting me. He wasn’t the one not helping me. I was the one who wasn’t being open to being helped because I wanted to plan my own future. He has never left my side. He has always been there. I might be going through what I think of as hell, but God is pulling me through and He is giving me an unimaginable peace about my future! Just because I don’t know what His plans are doesn’t mean He doesn’t have them, and I am going to praise Him … I’m not going to let the bad parts of my life define me, and I’m not going to fear what’s ahead. God is my savior and my refuge. He is my resting place!

This is just one testimony of many. I think it’s safe to say that camp changes lives!

I want to thank every one of our adult leaders in Elevate that went on this trip. Without your leadership, lives would not have been impacted. Thank you to every single Christ Church Nashville congregant that gave of their finances so that we could send every single student to camp that wanted to go! And thank you to all of the parents of the students. Because you sent your child to camp they will always have the memories of what God did in their lives in the summer of 2014.

—JD Swilley