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Day 7 Recap – God Loves You, Japan, and So Do We

At 5:30am this morning, all I could think was, “Goodness! This rain won’t stop!!” Thankfully, the Lord saw fit to give us a break from the rain and we were able to continue on as planned with our day without being drinched or having to be evacuated.

After some free time this morning, we met at the open hall of the Rakuto Festival for a quick sound check and recording of the Japanese song, Shuoagomite. From there we had a fantastic lunch at the Sakura House and then returned to the hotel to prepare for the concert.

Tonight, we gave our all, and I believe the Lord showed himself in subtle ways to those who came to watch. There were people all over, wearing our T-shirts and asking to have their picture taken with various members of the team before we even had a chance to sing. People seemed to be genuinely surprised that we would actually allow them to share a short moment with us for conversation or pictures. I also found that they were moved by our smiles and willingness to share our talent joyfully. So many would stop and say, “You can see joy when you all sing. It is touching!”

What an opportunity we’ve been given to share God’s gift of JOY!!! Our cheerfulness about our salvation and the grace and mercy of Jesus has peaked the interest of those who do not know Him. It is my prayer that those who stopped to watch and listen will allow their curiosity to supersede spiritual and cultural boundaries. I pray they find the God who does not fade or bring shame but the one and only Jesus who gives joy, peace and comfort to all who lay their burdens at His feet.

God is already moving in Japan. We thank Him for this very important relationship and for the many friendships! I hope and pray we are able to return for many years to come.

Japan, God Loves You and so do we!!


-Shannan Fowler