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Costa Rica Mission Trip Update

Costa Rica is so different. It’s a place unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. Landing in San Jose, the mountains leer at you with the greenest of eyes. Here and there, little trails carve up the side where farmers pick their coffee. You walk outside to wait on the bus and five or six guys try to get you in their taxi to take you somewhere. It’s incredible how hard the people work here. “Sir you need taxi?” “Sir, where are you going, let me help you with your bag?” The world has taught us that it is dangerous to walk with strangers, and rightly so, but didn’t Jesus do the same to Peter and the disciples when He asked them to cast down their nets and follow Him?

On the streets, cars drive so close to each other. It’s scary! I had the window open with my elbow resting on the side when all the sudden, ZOOM, a motorcycle comes flying by, followed by a giant van or bus so close that you could reach out and touch it. It’s so different. I did not see any street names and the next thing we know, we’re turning here, left there, left again, right, around the round-about, right, followed by a left…it never stops. Looking out the window, you see beautiful colors. You hear tons of car horns. I’m convinced there’s a system on honks for everything. It’s so cool. Streets are packed with people selling things and buying things right in the intersection or at a red light, and the whole time God is saying, “These are My people, and these I love just as I love you!”

At casa de Franco’s, the hostel where we are staying, the rooms are quaint. The showers are small and the water warm. Franco loves to cook and makes incredible food. Here I was thinking I was going to be eating fruit and granola that I brought from home but no! He made chicken lasagna last night followed by tres leches cake with fresh bread from the market. It’s wonderful. Definitely not what I expected. Before I came here, I was worried about food and water because it’s a different country, but God brought me comfort by reading Matthew 6. Do not worry about what you will eat or what you will wear. Don’t you know your heavenly Father knows the things you need? Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the thing will be added to you. That is what I rested in. That is what I see God doing here. That is what I look forward to God doing for us as we make ourselves his resources, his vessels.

All is well.
Pura Vida.
Michael Whitaker