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Costa Rica Mission Trip Update 2

It was during one of our nightly meetings that I truly begin to see that the members of this Costa Rican missions team aren’t simply people who just love Christ but also are individuals who encompass such a richness and reality of who the Father is.

I discovered this as I watched team members quick to pray not only for the native people here but also for other team members. I observed as Christ’s mission when He walked this earth in the flesh continued to be carried out through my fellow team members as we embraced each other through tears and testimonies. There’s such a vast difference when one only has an awareness of God’s existence verses having a true reality of who the Father is, His greatness, and His power. I’ve witnessed this greatness demonstrated as individuals humbled themselves, allowing God to manifest His power through them.

Throughout this week, this team of people have opened up their hearts to one another, sharing their own personal struggles as a ministry and for edification to those around them.  Such a selfless act, laying down the hidden things of the heart in order to bless another. These are who the members of this Costa Rican team has been this week. Even through  struggles, the true mission of this journey never faltered.  These are the things I’ve witnessed.  God’s love in the flesh.

-Mel Robinson