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Coronavirus Safety Update – 3/13

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. —2 Timothy 1:7

Dear Christ Church Family,

As events surrounding COVID-19 continue to develop, our pastoral leadership team has decided we will not gather on our Christ Church campus for classes and worship on this Sunday, March 15. 

As an alternative, we invite all to join us for an online Worship Service at 10:30am this Sunday. We will post the livestream on our website and our Facebook page.

Additionally, all classes, groups, and rehearsals on campus are canceled for the coming week, including Wednesday, March 18.

Please check our website’s calendar for real-time changes to the church’s schedule of events.

It is important to emphasize these measures are in no way being implemented on account of fear. Instead, with the Apostle Paul’s encouragement from 2 Timothy 1:7 in mind, we are very much operating in a spirit of love, united in sound mind, relying upon the power of God in this temporary season. Given what the medical and scientific communities have learned thus far, we know that responsible social distancing may have a tremendously positive impact on reducing the rate of transmission and infection in a population. Slowing this rate allows our healthcare system to adequately meet the demand for treatment of those already infected, and to provide the highest quality of care for those in greatest need. As our beloved nation, state, and city have requested, we are grateful to do our part in limiting large-group gatherings for the immediate future, especially in the best interest of the most vulnerable to infection among us. We believe such action is very much in accordance with rightly loving our neighbors as ourselves.

So what can we do to BE THE CHURCH this week? WALK in faith, not fear. SPEAK encouragement and show grace when fear or anxiety may well up in those around you (or within yourself). REACH OUT to those who may be particularly prone to loneliness, which may be increased in a time of social distancing and reduced gathering. ASK the Lord for wisdom in all circumstances and trust Him to provide it, for the Lord is more than willing to give wisdom to those who ask (James 1:5). MEDITATE upon the promises of scripture. PRAY for the healing of the sick and their families. PRAY for our health care professionals and first responders. PRAY for our leaders tasked with making difficult decisions in this time. PRAY for us as the Church to rise to the task of loving others as Christ has first loved us, and for us to be those upon whom our neighbors may rely in time of need. REMEMBER to pray for, give to, and assist as you are able, our Tennessee neighbors still very much in recovery from the recent tornado.

Thank you, Christ Church Family! Let us BE THE CHURCH in the love, soundness of mind, and life-giving power that our faithful God provides by His Spirit! This too, shall pass, and we shall be made stronger in the Lord as He brings us through it together!

In the Grace & Peace of Christ,
Pastor Ben Anderson