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Christ Church Family Update – Week of Sunday, May 17

One gift Christ Church Nashville has received in this season of social distancing, is renewed inspiration to find creative ways to connect with one another. Our Children’s Ministry Team has been hard at work in this pursuit over the last several weeks, finding fun and life-giving ways to connect with our kids and families, even from a distance.

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Many of you may be familiar with the prank called “ding dong ditch,” where a person rings the doorbell of a home and then races away before someone in the home opens the door. Inspired by this neighborhood classic, our Children’s Ministry decided to add their own twist and play “Ding Dongs Ditch” with our kids at home. Nearly twenty members of our Children’s Ministry Team drove all over the city to deliver Ding Dongs and a special message to 180 children at 105 homes, all while practicing social distancing, which came quite naturally through the “ditch” part of the game. Perfect! What a fun surprise for the children who received something special just for them, while the entire family could share in the joy of the moment (and the ding dongs, if the kids felt generous)!

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One week later, fifteen members of our Children’s Ministry Team traveled around the city once again, but this time to drop off a Mother’s Day surprise for the mothers of the children they serve. Each mom received a flower, note, and a bag of chocolates. What a beautiful and tangible way for these mothers to be reminded how loved, celebrated, and honored they are by all of us as a church family!

Some of the Children’s Ministry Team members who helped make these surprises a reality shared how powerful it was to see each other even from a distance, and how much joy these creative efforts brought all involved. One team member even had a powerful God-moment after dropping off one of the gifts. A strange series of events, including having received a wrong address, led her unintentionally to the home of another Christ Church family member. As it would turn out, this person actually had a word of encouragement from the Lord meant specifically for our team member that day. Standing in a driveway, six feet apart, both were blessed as they were reminded how God is indeed always at work in and through His people to share hope in sometimes the most unexpected ways.

Thank you to our stellar Children’s Ministry Team, and to our entire Christ Church family, for continuing to be conduits of living hope day by day!

Please continue to share your stories of hope with us at!

Giving the Lord thanks, both for you and with you…

Pastor Ben and the Christ Church Staff