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Christ Church Family Update – Week of Sunday, May 10

Like many of our Christ Church groups, our Young Adults class, led by Jeremy and Tina Long, has taken to Zoom to continue creating community and to study the Word together online. After a recent discussion about the realities of isolation for many people in this time, these young people took action to spread hope to some of those in our church family whom they suspected might need some encouragement.

Story of Hope Header

The Young Adults class reached out to our Christ Church “Hope Beyond Loss” group, and the idea was born to deliver fruit baskets to the beloved widows in our congregation. The Young Adults went to work making beautiful care packages with handwritten notes, fresh fruit, and thoughtful gifts. They then drove all over town, taking care to make contactless deliveries at over twenty homes thus far. What a beautiful way to honor these spiritual mothers within our church family, and to remind them they are known and loved, especially at this time of year when we celebrate the mothers among us.

Tina Long, Ruby Hughes, and Elizabeth Forster

Since this project began a few weeks ago (and is still ongoing as they discover more names), the Young Adults are now following up to assist with things like yard work, tree removal, sewing supply orders for those who are still making face masks to donate, pen pal correspondence, and the list goes on. The desire of both younger and older alike is to see permanent relational bridges built and strengthened that span the generations. Praise God this is already being realized and bearing fruit—literally! What a powerful example of how hope is alive and growing in and through us as we answer the invitation of Christ to BE THE CHURCH!

Thank you, Jeremy and Tina, and the Young Adults Class!

Pastor Ben and the Christ Church Staff