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The Children of Norway

The Children of Norway
by Debby Schreiner

Norway loves their children. At our concert last night it was…well…not quiet. We observed a very different perspective on managing the “energy” of the little ones. When the first group began, everyone quieted down…except the children. They could be heard all around the arena, all evening. 

Several kids with fleet feet and aspirations of grandeur made breaks for the stage. Three brief steps and they had the spotlight. You could tell it was not their first run because the quick-stepping parent could make up the distance in a flash. They would scoop the child up in one big swoop and return into the darkness. 

Throughout the evening, kids would dance right in front of the stage, follow mama up on the stage to hold onto her during her solo, squeal with delight, walk about eating snacks, run outside and back in, and we even saw a couple of kids drop skateboards and ride them back to their seats. 

Here is the point, these were not bad kids. They were not being disrespectful.  They were not disrupting anyone. Their actions were accepted and approved of by the community.  As Americans, we were fascinated with this cultural difference.  The kids were just allowed to run and dance and skateboard and giggle and join their parent on stage and, well, just be kids.  It was awesome!  

The older children and teenagers were quite respectful in the services.  It’s as if letting the kids BE kids gets it out of their system and then they grow up. 

Jesus rebuked the disciples for stopping the children when they tried to join Him on stage.  He said, “Let the children come to me.” I bet He joined the children in their run around the church! That’s why they loved Him!