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Welcome to Christ Church Nashville!
Our name communicates who we are, and what we are about.

We are followers of Christ, deliberately rooted in the Christian Church, a community that transcends all cultures and centuries. However, we express our faith through the unique gifts our city and our generation offer the world. Some may raise their hands during worship, others may bow at the altar in repentance and prayer, but however you feel comfortable worshiping, let’s join our hearts together in praise and recognition of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We are a congregation of musicians, artists, educators, workers and business people. Some are natives of Nashville. Others have moved here from other places. Together, we seek to become what Nashville looks like when it submits to Jesus, regardless of tongue, tribe, or nation.

Our church helps people find God, learn His ways and discover His calling for their life. It encourages them to become life-long learners and to learn how to bring Gods’ blessings upon themselves and all whom they influence. We have found that community, open discussion, and dedicated prayer are the best ways to discover your unique calling. Consider joining a Community Group, Sunday School Class, or Prayer Group to begin, or continue, your personal journey with the Lord. After all, community is an indispensible part of Christian life and is usually where we most experience transformation.

These values have lifted thousands to levels of life and service they had never before even thought possible.

Christ Church Nashville is, in short, a community that preaches and practices grace and redemption. I invite you to find a home in our congregation as we strive together to walk out a faith that changes lives.


Pastor Dan Scott


The story of Christ Church Nashville began in 1949, when J. O. and Mary Wallace organized a small congregation in the South Nashville community of Woodbine. The new church would be under the direction of Wallace’s father, J. W., pastor of the West Nashville Pentecostal Church. Mary Wallace’s brother, seventeen-year-old Lawson Hugh Hardwick Jr., had just enrolled in Freewill Baptist Bible College. He wanted to help his sister and brother-in-law plant the new congregation in Woodbine; unbeknownst to him, fifteen months later he would become its pastor.

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Statement of Faith

Christ Church Nashville is a spirit-filled Evangelical Christian community. It is committed to teach and practice what the followers of Christ have believed and practiced since the days of the apostles. C. S.Lewis called this body of beliefs and practices, Mere Christianity. One ancient writer called it “that which has at all times and in all places been believed by the whole people of God.”

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Core Values

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Who is Jesus Christ

You may know that Christianity is the world’s largest and most wide spread religion. You may also know that there are thousands of groups around the world claiming to be Christian.  The different ways in which the people in these groups celebrate, teach and organize their communities may seem so confusing that the person they all claim to follow becomes obscure.
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Pastor Dan

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Our Team

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